The Little Blue Bike Bell

Trying to Cross in “Family-Friendly” City

on March 12, 2016

ghostbikead.jpgThe following videos (the first two of which are from yesterday) are examples of what happens almost every single time I try to cross a street (at a crosswalk, often at a light, while walking my bike) in the self-proclaimed “family-friendly” city of Dunwoody, GA.

The correct infrastructure is in place to allow me to cross. The correct laws are on the books, and the local police have even performed numerous “sting” operations to catch lawbreakers (see Drivers Don’t Even Stop for Dunwoody Officers in Crosswalks from 11 Alive recently). Yet . . . here ya’ go. It doesn’t stop.

I don’t know what the answer is. I just wanted you to see a collection of these super-short everyday videos in one place with the hopes that someone, somewhere has an answer. My hope and prayer is that we never see our first ghost bike in this city, but we are playing with fire by not solving this problem. The time for change (but what?) is now. Perhaps a public safety campaign is in order. I emailed my city leaders to suggest its staff research some public safety campaign best practices from elsewhere. And I offered my help.

PICT0004-1And, no, that’s not The Little Blue Bike Bell painted white in the photo on top of this post. It’s the bike my daughters used to ride to school and the pool when they were younger. Thank goodness they survived that, although don’t get me going about trucks parked on sidewalks . . .



3 responses to “Trying to Cross in “Family-Friendly” City

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  2. Mignon says:

    OMG…I was hit by a car while crossing the street on a bicycle.


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