The Little Blue Bike Bell

Are You a BikeAble Biz?

on June 27, 2016


bellThere are all kinds of criteria for what makes a business truly bike-friendly. Here on The Little Blue Bike Bell, we’re keeping it simple. We’re rewarding those businesses that make it easy and safe for us to get to their locations and secure our bikes while we’re there.

If you do that, we will be more likely to vote with our dollars for your products and services when we use our pedals. We will also shout it out to others about your biz by designating you a BikeAble Biz with a photo of The Little Blue Bike Bell at your location amplified throughout social media. And we’ll even give you a free BikeAble Biz sticker (while supplies last) to showcase however you want.

Not sold on why being BikeAble matters? For businesses, being BikeAble matters because  bike riders shop local more and shop more often than those in motor vehicles. Additonally, women, in particular, use bikes to run errands, make or influence 80% of all consumer purchase decisions, and overwhelming prefer protected bike lanes and other safe-for-all bike infrastructure. We are more likely to consider environmental issues when making purchase decisions, and we are more active on social media so the chances of you getting some public love as a result of your responsible business practices are higher. Oh, and we’re also the fastest-growing demographic segment (at all ages) for bike use in the United States so we are literally a growing market for you. Another nice side benefit of bike riding, especially for women? It gives us access to places where me may feel hesitant to go otherwise, for a variety of reasons. See Freedom Riders for more.

With that said, here are the two questions we’ll actually verify via road-testing to determine whether or not your business qualifies to be certified as BikeAble for 2016:

(1) Can we get there without being forced to rely solely on motor vehicle drivers for our safety? We’re looking at a one-mile route in at least one direction to your business. What, you think this is unfair because you don’t determine the safety of the roads? Well, yes, you do. Get to City Hall and speak out in support of safe bike infrastructure by your business. Join organizations like the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition that are advocating on the behalf of your customers for safe access for all.

(2) Are we made to feel welcome when we arrive? In short, are you telling us you actually want our business? This means we can get through your parking lot safely (if needed to get to your front door) and we can park our bikes securely once we arrive. UPDATE: We’ve decided not to include the parking lot access in our criteria for 2016. But the bike rack, yes. You have to have the bike rack.

We’re not even getting into two-mile access from all directions, covered bike parking, or how bike-friendly (Commute Options incentives, showers, etc.) you are for your employees. Those may come later.

So, that’s that. We’re getting stickers made. We’re out there riding. And we’re spending our dollars where we can safely do so. Stay tuned for news on our first certified BikeAble Biz. Contact us if you are located in Atlanta or Dunwoody, GA and want to be considered.

The Little Blue Bike Bell is a passion project from Sustainable Pattie


5 responses to “Are You a BikeAble Biz?

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  2. […] when we arrive — those are the only two qualifications for becoming a BikeAble Biz (see more here). We’d like to give a special shout-out to our personal fave business there, Rawesome […]


  3. […] when we arrive — those are the only two qualifications for becoming a BikeAble Biz (see more here). We’d like to give a special shout-out to our personal fave business there, Rawesome […]


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