The Little Blue Bike Bell

Quick hint for biz owners

on July 6, 2016

bbcollageSo The Little Blue Bike Bell is paying close attention to businesses that fulfill the two simple criteria to be certified as a BikeAble Biz. (And the cute stickers are on their way, so the first recipient of this honor will be named soon!) These are: (1) be safely accessible via bike for one mile, and (2) have a bike rack. That’s it.

These two businesses (pictured) where I voted with my pedals today each passed on number 1, but were colossal fails on number 2.

Psst — quick hint for business owners. If you’re actually located on a road with a bike lane (as both these businesses are), install a bike rack. It’s your welcome mat to those passing by. No bike rack is like a door slammed in our faces. Ouch. (And if you’re a municipality that’s not requiring bike parking and/or including it as part of your streetscaping, what are you thinking?!)


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