The Little Blue Bike Bell

Bravo to these four businesses

on July 14, 2016


Atlanta BeltLine Bicycle and all the businesses at Ponce City Market in Atlanta, and Starbucks (Dunwoody Village location only) and Publix in Dunwoody are all now a certified BikeAble Biz by The Little Blue Bike Bell. They are all accessible for at least a mile via bike, and they all have bike parking.

In case you think all businesses on or by the Atlanta BeltLine qualify, they don’t. I’ve ridden by Yofaria frozen yogurt shop and Paris on Ponce literally hundreds of times and have never once stopped at either one on my bike. No bike racks. And the list of businesses with bike racks and safe access in Dunwoody is super short. In fact, we’ve almost covered all of them already.

Since Publix in Dunwoody just got awarded (and I voted with my dollars when I voted with my pedals there today), I thought I’d run through the other supermarkets in this 12-square-mile city. Fresh Market has a bike rack and safe access, but that bike rack is not really accessible! Weird spot, with not enough room really, so we’re holding off on awarding them. And Sprouts has a great bike rack but no safe access. Ouch. I’m rooting for Sprouts! (It’s the one closest to my home, and with the kind of options I tend to support.) Forget Kroger (both of them — the one in Georgetown and the one just over the Sandy Springs line). No safe access/no bike rack. Double fail.

In fact, entire shopping centers fail — Georgetown, Williamsburg, Target, Barnes and Noble, and more. ¬†Ouch, ouch, ouch. C’mon, gang. Don’t get me going on the mall — one bike rack, and try finding it! (Hint: it’s where everyone smokes. Just what bike riders want!) It’s 200 bucks for a bike rack and installation. The economic impact of one customer buying a coffee daily is that in just a couple of months. These BikeAble Biz winners are getting that business. Others are losin’ it.


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