The Little Blue Bike Bell

Dreams come true!

on July 20, 2016

dreamcafeI had been to the Dream Cafe in the Castleberry Hill section of Atlanta a few months ago — I even read the book written by the owner, Stevie Baggs, Jr. — but I hadn’t been back since. Then, I saw yesterday that the City of Atlanta’s Bike Czar, Becky Katz, posted on Twitter about new bike lanes on Peters Street, which is where Dream Cafe is located, so back I went!

bikelanepeters.jpgI got there via side streets because I was coming from another direction (and, yes, there was a bike rack when I arrived). I took the bike lane downtown afterwards (well, it sort of dropped me onto a busy street recently renamed after Ted Turner, but hey, it’s a start).

The Dream Cafe is so lovely — really a worthy destination if you’re a work nomad like me and can work anywhere. It was mid-morning so I just got a delicious blended juice. The economic impact of that bike lane from one bike rider, one stop = $7. Just imagine what’s possible. Or rather, dream. Because dreams of safe access for all really can come true.

The Dream Cafe joins the other businesses named by The Little Blue Bike Bell so far as a BikeAble Biz. Congratulations.



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