The Little Blue Bike Bell

Three magic words

on August 16, 2016

bikeablebiz.jpgThis past weekend, I rode my bike from my home in Dunwoody four miles to the Sandy Springs MARTA station. Then I took the train to Arts Center and rode my bike to Decatur by way of Piedmont Park, Belty, Freedom, linear parks on Ponce, a bad mile or so, and finally a gloriously wide bike lane welcoming me to Decatur (for my League of American Bicyclists Smart Cycling Course). I did the same thing in reverse, and the same to and from again the next day. That added up to 50 miles, which is a personal record for me in a weekend, and may I add the summer sun was beating on me the whole time. SO, you can believe me when I say there are three magic words that make this possible in Atlanta. And these magic words are . . . King. Of. Pops.

King of Pops is a local ice pop company that uses natural and organic ingredients, some of which are grown on its own farm. It has mind-blowing flavors like watermelon basil and coconut lemongrass. I can assure you that it is THE thing you want when sweat is dripping in your eyes and down the backs of your knees. I had one at the King of Pops headquarters one day and a King of Pops stand with its iconic rainbow umbrella at an arts festival in Piedmont Park the other day. Both spots were bike-friendly and accessible via safe bike facilities. And so, King of Pops joins us as a Little Blue Bike Bell-certified Bike-Friendly Biz.


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