The Little Blue Bike Bell

the bad

IMG_3335.jpgUSPS 1USPS 2bikelane Angels trucksyscocoke bike lane bullybike lane bullycoke bike lane bully againUSPS 1USPS 2IMG_0605edgewood10409059_10152496591847887_8141851821999836412_nbike mail truckbike 14thscbikelane bl1bl2bl4bl3 IMG_2418.jpgPonce bike lanefedexbikelanebully.jpg


3 responses to “the bad

  1. […] This makes The Little Blue Bike Bell sad. And a little nervous. See more scenes that led to bad feelings here. […]


  2. […] within just five years (mostly because of policies passed and master plans adopted). However, when you actually get out there where the rubber hits the road (and that’s what we do here at The Little Blue Bike Bell!), […]


  3. […] shout out to UPS, which is headquartered here: how about you mitigate some of the damage you do by parking in bike lanes and pony up for this?) I’ll be road-testing. If anyone gives a […]


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